Books For Children

Title Author
When Andy’s Father Went to Prison Martha Hickman
A Trip to the Big House Oliver Butterworth
Joey’s Visit Donna Jones
Let’s Talk About When Your Parent Is in Jail Maureen K. Wittbold
My Mother and I Are Growing Stronger Inez Maury
There Are Some Real Special Kids In Our Class Frank M. Black
Keeping in Touch by Long Distance Ann Kerniski
A Visit With Daddy Frank M. Black
My Mom Went to Jail Kathleen Hodgkins and Suzanne Bergen
Dad’s in Prison Sandra Cain and Margaret Speed
Help for Kids Understanding Your Feelings About Having A Parent in Prison or Jail Carole Gesme
While We’re Apart by Carole GesmeWhen a Parent Goes to Jail Rebecca Yaffe and Lonnie Hoade
My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has A Disease Claudia Black
Updated: January 3, 2015 — 12:21 pm