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What’s on the Commissary Order Form?Commisary Checklist

A funded commissary account is a little pleasure that lifts the spirit and brings some happiness to an inmate. For anyone with a friend or family member on the “inside,” the conversation probably doesn’t go long before they ask you to put money in their commissary account.

For families financially stretched by the incarceration of the breadwinner or second income source, this may not be possible. However, for those with the means, funding the commissary account is probably one of the single largest acts of charity one can do. It’s second only to a personal visit and advocating on their behalf.

But what items are on the commissary list, and why can’t they stretch their money further? This is a good question. Attached are commissary forms representative of county, state, and federal facilities. First, this is a snapshot in time. Item availability and pricing do change periodically and with location.

Before looking at the form take a moment and think about the little convenience items in your home that are used without a second thought!

  • Did you use a pen and paper to jot a note or put a stamp on a letter?
  • Wash your hands? Put lotion on them because they were dry?
  • Did your contact lens bother you? Need solution?
  • Is lunch making you reach for the antacids? How about that piece of food stuck between your teeth? Did you grab the floss to get it out?
  • Have enough clean socks, underwear, bath soap, and shampoo?
  • Did you get the munchies? Did you sneak a snack?
  • How about those Snickers, Jolly Rancher, or Skittles you picked to satisfy a sweet tooth?
  • Did you drink lemonade, Kool-Aid, or something besides water to quench your thirst?

Now, imagine you’re in prison. If one of these everyday needs/wants arises, what do you do? Now, open one of the commissary forms below. Find what you need, and assuming you have money on account, wait to order, then wait up to a week for delivery day.

What’s on the commissary form?  The necessities and the little pleasures that make life more bearable while incarcerated.

Typical Commissary Forms

Cuyahoga County Commissary Form

Typical ODRC Commissary Form

Federal Prison Commissary Form

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Updated: May 20, 2024 — 8:12 pm