Children of Incarcerated Parents

The impact on children of incarcerated parents is only now starting to be understood.  The findings are not good and with 1 in 28 children having a parent who is or was incarcerated the impact on society will be felt for decades to come.  Below are several resources for caregivers, concerned adults and child champions.

Rutgers University The National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated.

Rutgers pamphlets may be downloaded without charge. Duplication is permitted and encouraged, so long as the materials are not altered or sold.   The website mentions that Spanish versions will be available in January 2015, but at the time of this posting they were not.

Facts and Issues

101: Introduction to Children Incarcerated Parents
102: Why Maintain Relationships?
103: Conversations – Questions Children Ask
104: Risk and Protection
105: Visiting Mom or Dad
106: Jail and Prison Procedures
107: Communication Tips for Families

Materials For Caregivers

201: Caring for Children of Incarcerated Parents
202: Questions from Caregivers
203: What Do Children of Incarcerated Parents Need?
204: Tips from Caregivers for Caregivers

Materials for Health Care Providers

301: Impact of Parental Incarceration
302: Challenges for Health Care Providers
303: Common Stress Points
304: Different Children/Behaviors
305: Strategies for Intervention
306: Tips for Fostering Trust & Safety
307: The Caregiver’s Situation

Echoes of Incarceration Project – the incarceration’s impact from the child’s perspective, told by the child.

Echoes of Incarceration Part 1

Echoes of Incarceration Part 2

Other Videos

EXCLUSIVE: Invisible Children Documentary (2009-11-20)

Other Resources

The Osborne Association publishes “Stronger Together”,  a handbook specifically published for those working to care for and champion the issues of children of incarcerated parents.

PDF_StongerTogetherVol1  – “Experiences of Children of Incarcerated Parents” focuses on children’s feelings, experiences, and responses.

PDF_StongerTogetherVol2 – “Maintaining and Strengthening Family Ties for Children of Incarcerated Parents” discusses why and how to maintain parent-child relationships

PDF_StongerTogetherVol3 – “Information for Non-Parent Caregivers of Children with Incarcerated Parents”  provides needed information for and addresses the common concerns of caregivers.

 Annie E. Casey Foundation

When A Parent Is Incarcerated.  A primer for case workers.

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