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New ODRC Handbook for Families Published

ODRC Publishes New Handbook for Families The official title says it all:  “Handbook for the Families, Friends, Supporters and Mentors of Northeast Ohio Offenders”.   This is an outstanding resource for anyone working with staff or inmates in one of the State’s correctional facilities in northeast Ohio.   Much of this 90 page handbook is generic information […]

Prison Report Cards

Prison Report Cards   For families it’s often hard to get good information about the conditions within the facility their loved one is staying.  Did you know there is a prison report card issued for each of Ohio State prisons?   That’s right, the nonpartisan Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (CIIC) provides objective, information about Ohio’s prisons […]

New Reentry Resource Guides

New Reentry Resource Guides   Reentry is one of the largest challenges facing society and an inmate upon release. Reintegrating into society after a decade or even a year is difficult. To aid in the transition, ODRC has published a M.U.S.C.L.E (Make Use of Services Can Lead to Empowerment) guide for every county in Ohio. While […]

Reentry: The Journey Back

Reentry: The Journey Back Hearing a heavy door close behind them is often described as the ultimate moment of fear and loneliness for someone entering the prison system; but facing the world from the outside of that door after release can be every bit as daunting. The specters of fractured and strained relationships, homelessness, unemployment, […]