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Summit on Making Ohio Communities Safer

The Word Church is hosting the “2016 Summit on Making Ohio Communities Safer” on September 22, 2016 from 8 am until 4 pm. This year’s Summit will be highlighted with a reentry simulation. This reentry simulation is designed to increase one’s awareness of the obstacles that returning citizens are faced with daily as they attempt […]

Jobs for Reentry

Companies that offer jobs for reentry Eventually our loved ones will get out and begin the important step of finding jobs for reentry into the work force.  Recently I stumbled upon two very useful sites aimed at helping them find a job.  Check out Exoffenders.net.   It has many suggestions and helpful tips.  This site is more than […]

Northeast Reintegration Center Re-Entry/Job Fair

Northeast Reintegration Center Re-Entry/Job Fair   Hi all – Please help spread the word!       Dear Community Support Partner,   My name is Dionne Eslick and I am the Acting Unit Management Chief at Northeast Reintegration Center. Northeast is a female correctional center located in Cleveland and our mission is to prepare these low […]

TAPP – Helping With Inmate Jobs

TAPP – Helping With Inmate Jobs Ohio is serious about lowering the recidivism rate.  Finding a job is one of the largest challenges facing our “returning citizens” as they transition from prison life to real life on the outside.  To help with this transition,   OH!Manufacturing and the Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections started the […]

Jobs not prison

Jobs not prison   Since 2011, 132 parents who were indicted for criminal nonsupport of their children found a better alternative than going to prison – a job. Thanks to the Success Through Employment Program, operated by the Clermont County Common Pleas Adult Probation Department, these men and women are working and helping to support […]