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Articles of Interest

Below are several articles which may be of interest for our LEAF families.  These articles deal with proposed changes to or current actions in the Justice System.  If you can relate or are in agreement with one or more of these editorial/opinion pieces I encourage you to get involved in the process.  This is major […]

80% Release Opportunity

Does Your Loved One Qualify for an 80% Release Opportunity?   Release and reunification with our loved one is a day to which we all look forward.   Did you know for some crimes the State offers an “80% release opportunity”?  What’s this?  Basically for non-violent, non-sexual crimes the inmate may have an opportunity for […]

Criminal Sentencing Primer

Criminal Sentencing Primer Are you confused by the terms and actions used during the criminal sentencing process?   If so,  mark your calendar!  On Wednesday, August 26 the LEAF group of Mary Queen of Peace Parish is hosting members of the ODRC and the Adult Parole Authority for an informal discussion and help session on understanding […]