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More on Inmate Phone Rates

We should have known the phone companies would challenge the FCC regulations on prison and jail phone rates!  We were happy to post in  April 2015 when Gov. Kasich lowered phone rates in response to FCC changes. Then again in October 2015 we posted the Cuyahoga county was following the State’s lead by lowering phone […]

Cuyahoga County Jail Phone Rates Reduced

Cuyahoga County Jail Lowers Phone Rates Following the lead of the State prison system (and the mandate of the FCC!),  Cuyahoga County Sheriff Clifford Pickney is in the process of lowering the phone calling rates from Cuyahoga county jail.  This is great news for our families.   In addition Pickney is bringing special tablet PC’s to […]

Ohio Prison Phone Rates Drop

Ohio Prison Phone Rates Drop   Ohio’s prison phone rates drop as Governor John Kasich and Gary Mohr, head of Ohio’s department of Rehabilitation and Corrections,  reduced calling rates in Ohio prisons to 5 cents per minute. The state says it will help cut down on the number of inmates returning to prison!  The belief […]