Limiting Human Contact is Counterproductive

Limiting human contact for prisoners is counterproductive and un-Christian

By:  Joe Van Brussell (see attribution below) 

There is a disturbing trend in the United States toward limiting contact between incarcerated individuals and the outside world. For example, last month the state of New York began a pilot program that banned the direct shipment of food, household items and even books to prisoners, instead requiring senders to choose from the limited offerings of an expensive online vendor. Fortunately, Gov. Andrew Cuomo suspended the program after a public outcry, but it has not been formally canceled.Read More »Limiting Human Contact is Counterproductive

Second Fine Against Prison Food Vendor

Second Fine Against Prison Food Vendor


As reported by from the Associated Press feed of July 30, 2014:

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The state on Wednesday announced a second fine against the private vendor that took over the job of feeding inmates last year as the company defended its operations before a prisons oversight committee.

The $130,200 fine against Philadelphia-based Aramark Correctional Services covered continued staffing shortages, unacceptable food substitutions and shortages and sanitation issues, including maggots observed in food service operations at five prisons this month and last, according to Ohio’s July 23 letter to the company.Read More »Second Fine Against Prison Food Vendor