80% Release Opportunity

Does Your Loved One Qualify for an 80% Release Opportunity?


Release and reunification with our loved one is a day to which we all look forward.   Did you know for some crimes the State offers an “80% release opportunity”?  What’s this?  Basically for non-violent, non-sexual crimes the inmate may have an opportunity for early release when 80% of sentence is served.   Of course there are other requirements like good behavior, low security status, etc.

Inmates recommended for the 80% Release Opportunity have their prison experience thoroughly investigated and reported.  Inmates who qualify for this process may be rewarded with early release for having a compliant attitude and making efforts toward rehabilitation. Inmates passing the entire 80% screening process are referred back to the sentencing court with a recommendation from the ODRC Director that the court strongly consider an 80% Court Release.  With the combination of the Director’s approval and a comprehensive report on the inmate’s progress, it is the ODRC’s hope that the courts may feel more confident in granting an 80% Court Release.

You can find more information on the 80% Release Opportunity on the LEAF website here under the “Going Home” tab.  There are links on that page to the official list of disqualified crimes.   The list is so long you will ask yourself what qualifies?  However,  as stated above the disqualified crimes fall mostly into two categories: violent and sex based.

Don’t lose hope!