Judge Speaks to LEAF Group

Judge Michael Donnelly Speaks with LEAF Group


Mark your calendar!


On Thursday,  January 21  Judge Michael Donnelly Judge Michael Donnellywill be speaking at the Holy Angels’ LEAF meeting. This will be a very interesting gathering and the Holy Angels’ group has graciously extended an invitation to all LEAF families to hear Judge Donnelly speak.

Judge Donnelly is an outspoken advocate for changing/updating many aspects of Ohio’s sentencing laws and other facets of the judicial system in general.  He’s been on several judicial task forces including the Ohio Supreme Court Joint Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty which recommended 56 changes for improving the process.  (To date the legislature has acted on only four!)

Judge Donnelly is frequently quoted in Plain Dealer articles and other news sources.   Some blurbs featuring Judge Donnelly can be found here, here and here.  More recently he was quoted in the PD editorial on rebooting the sex-offender registry.  

This looks to be a very informative evening.  We hope to see you at the Holy Angels’ LEAF meeting in Bainbridge on the January 21st!   Thank you Holy Angels for putting this together.