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Juvenile Justice Guide

Juvenile Justice Guide – A Family Resource Here’s a Juvenile Justice Guide to help our LEAF families dealing with youth legal issues.  The Juvenile Justice system is similar to the adult system, but different enough to warrant its own courts, procedures and professionals.   The folks at Voices for Ohio’s Children produced a great resource entitled […]

Expanded Visitation at Youth Prisons

Ohio’s Youth Prisons Moving to 7-day Visitation Week   As reported in the August 16, Columbus Dispatch…   Ohio’s youth prison system is moving to seven-days-a-week visitations to make it easier for parents and guardians to see their children, a policy change that officials hope will mean fewer return trips by youths after they have […]

Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents

Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents   It has been said that we don’t incarcerate a person, we incarcerate a family.  This is not far from the truth when young children are involved.  They often don’t understand what’s going on and become confused, withdrawn or rebellious.  How can someone they love be in jail when they’ve been taught […]