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Special Day of Reflection

Enjoy a Special Day of Reflection This special day is set aside for those who love someone who is incarcerated.  Enjoy a day of reflection and quiet prayer.   A comforting time of sharing with each other over a delicious meal and the Celebration of the Mass. Sunday, December 3, 2017 9:30 Registration 10:00 am to 3:00 pm […]

More on Inmate Phone Rates

We should have known the phone companies would challenge the FCC regulations on prison and jail phone rates!  We were happy to post in  April 2015 when Gov. Kasich lowered phone rates in response to FCC changes. Then again in October 2015 we posted the Cuyahoga county was following the State’s lead by lowering phone […]

Wings Party – LOCI

Wings Party at Lorain Correctional Here’s a volunteer opportunity to help inmates and their families. The Lorain Correctional Institute is hosting a Wings Party!  For the past 5 year Mrs. Ann Edenfield out of Albuquerque, New Mexico has hosted a WINGS Party here at LorCI.  This year we are in need of help for our […]

Using Facebook for News

LEAF’s Facebook Page       Just a quick reminder about using LEAF Ministry Facebook page.  Recently I’ve found several articles of general interest to LEAF families but I got frustrated because I didn’t have time to publish them.  It’s embarrassing to say, I didn’t even think of sharing them on our Facebook page! That takes all […]

Prisoner Express

Prisoner Express – The bridge between prisoners and the outside world. Prison can be a mind dulling experience for those incarcerated.  The body may be imprisoned, but the mind is free to roam.  Enter Prisoner Express.  This Cornell University outreach encourages inmates to improve themselves through positive expression and provides an outlet for this creativity. […]

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