LEAF Ministry on Facebook

LEAF Ministry on Facebook

The LEAF Ministry now on Facebook!

As some of you know we were asking for input on picking a Facebook name because “LEAF Ministry” and LEAF Ministries” were already taken.  With many good names from which to choose we settled on “LEAF Support Ministry”.   It’s simple, easy to spell, easy to remember and describes what we offer our families – support.  You can find the new page here.

What’s the difference between a website and a Facebook page?

Websites are good for holding static and semi-static information like the reentry guides or articles on various topics.  However they aren’t very good for dynamic news items or group dialog.   Facebook pages on the other hand are excellent for linking to interesting articles, meetings, social events,  sharing news or giving your opinion.  What I like most about Facebook is I don’t have to come up with all the content!  You can and are encouraged to add and share with others.

From here our page can go many directions, but I’ll let the group decide the content.  The only guidelines are the articles or comments posted should be inline with the purpose of the LEAF Ministry.  We are about hope.  We are non-judgemental.  We are about listening and helping.   So if you think it will help someone else or be of interest to families of the incarcerated,  then post it!

Just one caution –  an important caution,  unlike our meetings which are private,  anything you post on our Facebook page is public.  Everyone ( the general public ) can read it.   This may change in the future based on your feedback and how the page evolves, but for now it is open to all so comment accordingly.

Special thanks to Jean Smith who volunteered to help manage the page.   We look forward to reading your comments,  so  “Like Us” on Facebook!   www.facebook.com/leafsupportministry


Updated: October 27, 2015 — 8:28 pm