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Smarter Sentencing Reform

Sentencing Reform There’s a growing movement across the country for sentencing and prison reform.  Many are realizing our current system does not meet the needs of societies current problems.  We can no longer afford, both financially or socially, to maintain the attitude of “lock’em up and throw away the key”.    Here are two recent […]

More Articles of Interest…

More Articles of Interest Did you know more articles of interest get posted to our Facebook page then get reprinted here in the blog section?  Why is that?   Simple.  There are more good articles of possible interest than the LEAF Ministry website staff (humor!) have time to work on.  Some actually have day jobs.   With […]

Articles of Interest

Below are several articles which may be of interest for our LEAF families.  These articles deal with proposed changes to or current actions in the Justice System.  If you can relate or are in agreement with one or more of these editorial/opinion pieces I encourage you to get involved in the process.  This is major […]

Punishment Rate

Punishment Rate Higher Than Suggested This new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts suggests the U.S. is more punitive with its punishment rates than previously thought. Overview Researchers, policymakers, and the public rely on a variety of statistics to measure how society punishes crime. Among the most common is the imprisonment rate—the number of people […]

JPay Lantern Tablet

MIAMI, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — JPay is proud to officially announce the success of JPay’s Lantern, the company’s education initiative that is currently deployed in Ohio prisons, enabling mass education of prison inmates through the use of tablets. Developed in conjunction with the Correctional Education Association, Lantern utilizes a Learning Management System to host […]

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