TED Talks on Prison

TED Talks on Prison


One of my favorite sites on the web is TED.com.   If you aren’t familiar with TED,  it is a non-profit organization driven to share ideas on a broad variety of topics with the global community.  Their videos (often called “TED Talks”)  are usually 18 minutes or less and are professionally or semi-professionally produced.  Speakers are generally noted experts in their field or a well respected voice in that particular topic or genre.

Sometimes I’ll watch a TED Talk when there’s nothing good on TV or I’m procrastinating about doing something I don’t want to do.  ( Watching something semi-educational always seems like a good justification for not doing what I should be doing.)   Often times I pick a topic at random or pick something I’d like to know more about.

Until tonight, I never thought to search for TED Talks on prison.  Much to my chagrin, there are over 300 TED Talks dealing with prisons!   When you have a chance, take a look.  One word of caution however.  TED Talks can be addicting and fascinating.   Obviously with over 300 talks on prisons by a diverse speaker base (liberal, conservative, advocates and activists) there’s enough here to both please and anger everyone!   With that said, and with a bit of apprehension,  follow this link to TED Talks on Prisons.

I would be very interested in hearing which talks you like or didn’t like!




Updated: October 11, 2015 — 9:51 pm