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Just a quick reminder about using LEAF Ministry Facebook page.  Recently I’ve found several articles of general interest to LEAF families but I got frustrated because I didn’t have time to publish them.  It’s embarrassing to say, I didn’t even think of sharing them on our Facebook page! That takes all of a minute!

But I don’t use Facebook.

I know many of you don’t use Facebook (and don’t want to use Facebook!).  Did you know Facebook content is view-able without being a registered Facebook user?   I can understand why some don’t want to use Facebook. It can be a bit invasive and revealing if you don’t take the time to learn what all the settings do. However, when opening an account the best privacy protection is achieved by simply not entering any information into your profile! ( Facebook reserves the right to close your account and ban you from future use if they learn you are using an alias.) I’ve had an account for about five years but never posted anything until this month!

So going forward, I’ll continue to post as time permits, but I will also be putting more on our Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page and “Like” us, you can get an automatic updates sent to your mailbox when something new is posted or someone comments.

Share a Comment

Speaking of comments – one downside for our group is Facebook comments are not anonymous (it will show your name).  Depending on your settings your comments are either published for the world to see, your friends only or some other limited group. So comment judiciously.

It goes without saying if you ever find an article of interest, you can either add to our page yourself (your name will be shown) or you can send it to me and I’ll put it up there under the LEAF Ministry moniker.   If you found it interesting chances others will too.

Who uses Facebook?


Last, who exactly uses Facebook anyway?  I wondered that when I began writing this post, so a quick web search uncovered The Pew Research Center’s report answering that question…in detail. It’s a fascinating read if you like demographic stuff.

One of the more interesting factoids: 71% of all adult internet users and 58% of the entire adult population uses Facebook!  Older adults don’t use Facebook, right?  Wrong. 56% of all adults age 65 and older that use the internet also use Facebook. Who knew?

Check it out!



Updated: January 17, 2016 — 7:08 pm