100 Reasons for Gratitude

100 Reasons for Gratitude


How many reasons do you have for gratitude?

How many reasons do you have for gratitude?

When my daughters were young our dinner pray was simple:  “Thank-you God for happy hearts, for rain and sunny weather.  Thank-you God for the food we eat and that we are together.”  An attitude of gratitude is an important life skill I wanted to pass on to my children.

Without gratitude, coping with life’s lows can be unbearable.  Even in our darkest moments we have so much for which to be grateful.  Our worst day is better than poor families in war torn countries. Our worst day is better than villagers in many African countries with no running water.  Our worst day is better than what many migrant workers who tend the fields in this country endure.  When we lose sight of all that’s right in our life, we open the door to depression, self-pity and loss of vision of what God is doing around us.  Lack of gratitude opens us to an emotional death spiral.

With the new year upon us, I challenge you to take stock of all that is right in your life.  If you’ve never taken stock before, it may take awhile but it’s worth the effort.   No item is too small.  If you’re having trouble – just turn on the nightly news!  Another source of ideas is anytime you pick something up or take an action,  ask yourself what life would be like without that item or action. If its something you enjoy having, its probably a candidate for gratitude – no matter how small or silly.   For example, I don’t have “dental floss” on my list, but I know it would be on my wife’s.  She hates stuff between her teeth and probably flosses twice a day!  Floss is a reason for gratitude!

Let your list ramble!  Let one item lead to another.  Your list doesn’t need to be logical or ordered.  It just needs to be your list.

Below is my list.   It probably looks nothing like your list and that’s OK.

  1. Relatively good health
  2. Heart medicine
  3. A warm house
  4. Air conditioning in the summer
  5. A place to live
  6. Electricity
  7. Light at night
  8. Running water
  9. Sewers, toilets, clean soft toilet paper!
  10. Running hot water
  11. Drinkable water
  12. Working dishwasher
  13. No leaks in the roof
  14. A dry bed
  15. A comfortable bed
  16. Copious blankets on my bed
  17. A comfy pillow
  18. Working refrigerator
  19. Food in the refrigerator
  20. Fresh fruit
  21. Summer fruit in winter
  22. Grocery stores with food
  23. A wonderful wife
  24. A healthy wife
  25. Good in-laws
  26. Healthy children
  27. Adult children living on their own
  28. Happy children
  29. No domestic violence in my family
  30. A car that starts
  31. Good roads to transport goods
  32. Safe roads to drive 500 miles to visit my daughter
  33. Money, time, health to visit daughter
  34. Daughter that wants me to visit
  35. My job
  36. Job benefits
  37. Ability to pay all bills on time
  38. Money in the checkbook after paying bills
  39. Extra money to donate
  40. Cleveland Metro park
  41. Time to hike
  42. Physical strength to hike
  43. Warm clothes
  44. Clean clothes
  45. Clothes to clean!
  46. Working washer & dryer in basement
  47. Hiking shoes
  48. Dress shoes
  49. Shoes that fit without holes
  50. Warm socks
  51. Dinner with loved ones
  52. No missing loved ones
  53. Safe loved ones
  54. No military personnel patrolling my street
  55. No bombs exploding around me
  56. No worry of landmines when I walk
  57. No roving gangs of para-military
  58. Prayer
  59. Freedom to pray in public
  60. Communal pray without violence
  61. My notebook with software
  62. Wi-fi
  63. Internet at home
  64. Streaming movies at home
  65. My smartphone
  66. Income to afford internet, smartphone, etc.
  67. Friends to text with
  68. Family that replies to my text messages
  69. Eyesight
  70. Reading glasses
  71. Ample books to read
  72. Good hearing
  73. Music
  74. Gifted musicians
  75. Ability to sing (even if others tell me to stop)
  76. The desire to sing
  77. No depression
  78. Anti-depression medicine
  79. People who listen
  80. A positive mental attitude
  81. Sleep without fear or nightmares
  82. The morning sun on my face
  83. Cold weather in winter ( a normal season )
  84. Crackling fireplace
  85. No fire destroying my house
  86. A good fire department
  87. Police
  88. EMS
  89. Good emergency hospital care
  90. Pictures of family – happy memories
  91. Good parents
  92. Time with my grandparents
  93. Squirrels, birds, raccoons, chipmunks (signs of a safe environment)
  94. Stable government
  95. Relatively low taxes
  96. Garbage collection services
  97. Good library
  98. Comfortable reading chair
  99. Coffee & Tea
  100. Good glass of wine
  101. Honeybees and honey ( I have a hive in my yard!)
  102. Ability to recognize things for which I’m grateful.

Well that’s my list of over 100 reasons for gratitude.  Again, your list will be different.  Probably very different and that’s OK!

Happy New Year!


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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 12:36 pm