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Letting the Son Shine Out

Pile of clothes

Letting the SON Shine Out   No, my title is not a typo! Our former pastor ended many services with the command, “Go into the mission field…and let the S-O-N shine out.” It was a reminder of our calling to be Christ to others. I recently remembered this admonition when told of a woman’s simple […]

God Is With Us

God is with us!   The article below written by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson appeared in Plain Dealer a few days ago.  I particularly like the article because I like history (those who forget it – repeat it!) and because Advent is my most favorite liturgical season.   Advent is about hope and hope is […]

Pope Visits Prisoners

Jesus wants to cleanse us, Pope tells prisoners Catholic World News – September 28, 2015 Pope Francis visited detainees at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia on September 27 and told them that Jesus Christ wishes to wash their feet and accompany them throughout life. “Life means ‘getting our feet dirty, from the dust-filled roads of […]

A Mother’s HOPE

A Mother’s HOPE   A wonderful article of a mother’s hope and a strong motivation to help others.   This article first appeared in the online version of the Trussville Tribune,  May 6, 2015 By June Mathews As moms all over America look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, many are planning to gather […]

Christmas Cookie Elves

The Christmas cookie elves from St. Ladislas Church were hard at work again this season bringing good cheer to the “clients” at the Judge Mary R. McDonnell Community Based Corrections Facility in Cleveland.   The call for cookies went out and the elves got to work measuring, shaking and pressing love into their work. Their response […]