Prison Report Cards

Prison Report Cards


For families it’s often hard to get good information about the conditions within the facility their loved one is staying.  Did you know there is a prison report card issued for each of Ohio State prisons?   That’s right, the nonpartisan Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (CIIC) provides objective, information about Ohio’s prisons by conducting unannounced inspections.   CIIC tries to keep ahead of current issues providing reports to legislators and tax-payers on the status of various prisons.

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Their prison report cards as I call them give families insight into the issues a particular facility is facing at the time of the report.  The reports give an idea what the staff may be contending with and how this prison is doing with respect to other prisons in the system.  The reports are a snap-shot and can help balance the first hand and sometimes very biased feedback given by our incarcerated loved ones.   It’s important to remember when talking to our loved ones that prison can never replace ones own living room.  It’s a prison and will always fall short in every way of being like home…and this is heart breaking for all of us!


As a warning, sometimes these reports are difficult to read (accept) and you may find them upsetting.  Other times you may gain a greater level of comfort learning the facility excels in one or more areas.  We all want to read our loved one’s prison is like a 5 star hotel and perfect in every way.   Unfortunately, they are not and at times it’s hard to read about increasing violence or some other negative, but that’s the reality of situation.   With a continuously changing population problems may come and go so view these reports for what they are – a snap-shots in time.

One last thought.  I hesitated to publish this blog because after reading the reports there’s not much we can do about any negative situation.   After thinking about it more there is something we can do – pray!    Pray that our loved ones steer clear of all that is negative in their facility.  Pray they have the wisdom to take advantage of all that is positive.  Pray they have solid friends on the inside.  Pray for the staff.  Pray for the warden.  Pray that what is good remains and what is bad gets addressed promptly.

  Rejoice always;  pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks;




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