True Cost of Incarceration

Here are two articles forwarded to us by the Diocese of Columbus which is interested in starting a LEAF group there.  (Praise the Lord!)  The true cost of incarceration is under reported because what’s reported in the news reflects only the line item costs in the Ohio State budget for ODRC.  The true cost of incarceration is not just what we pay in taxes to fund the prison system, the economic burden families endure and extra expenses brought on by imprisonment.

Most of our LEAF families know this fact all to well so I apologize for preaching to the choir.  Articles such as the ones below are encouraging only in the sense that they finally tell the other side of the financial story to the general public; and its a story then need to hear.

We know Director Mohr is trying to change the system from the inside and the new legislative commission is trying to change it on the outside, but these efforts won’t gather much momentum until the populous in general understands the situation and gets behind it.   Change is always about education and articles like these help change societies mindset.

Take the time to read these articles.  There are some good facts here which can be used should you ever write a letter to the PD editor or your legislative official.  Please pass these on.  Having an informed public is in everyone’s best interest.

The first article comes from The Atlantic is more general, while the second in the Washington Post wraps many facts around a personal story.  Both a good reads.